Our beloved first Probat roaster, named after our Nan, Betty.


We are Brother of Mine, a hospitality business built by two brothers Ben and Jos forged from a belief in ‘true hospitality’ and inspiring people to find their purpose within it. 
 We are on a mission to build meaningful relation ships with a goal to connect to the world through coffee.
Our vision is is an industry community of support and success.
So we created our ‘wholesale partnership program’ to build a bridge and connect to more people and businesses and deliver more than just a specialty coffee roaster with the usual training, servicing and support. This partnership was built to win. 
The result, a relationship based on trust where you feel the support, see growth in your business and are truly happy.  
Our model is about sharing resources, knowledge and experiences with our partners to maximise the wins, save time and money and lead to a happier life in business. 
We have a dedicated team who have found their purpose all working towards a common goal and inspiring people to success across the industry.  
If you are keen for a conversation please get in touch. We're here for you!
Now, roll the credits, let’s make it rain.



 We are proud to work with some of the best in our industry to support you to be the best.