Wholesale. Sure!
We are Brother of Mine, a family run hospitality business built by two brothers Ben and Jos forged from a belief in ‘true hospitality’ and inspiring people to find their purpose within it. 
We want to help inspire as many people as possible, as a high tide raises all ships, so we connect to people outside our company through coffee. Only your growth grows our business and helps us achieve our mission, so we created our ‘wholesale partnership program’ to provide more than just a specialty coffee supply with the usual servicing and support. This partnership was built to win. 
The result, a relationship based on trust where you feel the support, see growth in your business and are truly happy.  We achieve this by sharing knowledge, experience and resources with our partners to maximise the wins, save time, money and make it rain. We have a dedicated team who have found their purpose, working towards a common goal and inspiring people to success across the industry.  
If you are keen for a conversation please get in touch. We're here to help you!
Now, roll the credits, let’s make it rain. 


Jos Whettingsteel

Roastery & Operations

+61 434 765 286 jos@brotherofmine.com.au

Jos can support you with outside the box thinking, process gains and system design. He can also help you make your space sing. 

Ben Whettingsteel

Management & Training

+61 402 560 551 ben@brotherofmine.com.au

Ben will motivate you to train and develop your people and provide a high level of business advice. He is also our development chef.

Sam Dunn 

Sales & Support

+61 422 525 759 sam@brotherofmine.com.au

Sam has well earnt his hospo stripes and is the perfect person to provide support to our partners. He has a well defined coffee palette. 

Charlee Mckenzie

Accounts & HR

08 9557 6437 opt 3 charlee@brotherofmine.com.au

Charlee makes things happen and is here to offer help with the administrative / financial area of our partnership. Charlee is also passionately studying HR.

Crissy Hawkins

Marketing & Social Media

+61 419 015 542 crissy@brotherofmine.com.au

Crissy is behind our social media strategy and can offer tips and tricks to improve your brand noise. Crissy loves to learn and her first degree was in Business. 

Gene Plummer

Design & Photography

+61 411 231 440 gene@brotherofmine.com.au 

Gene makes things look good and he is the champion behind all our brands, imagery and identity and can help you with yours. Gene can draw, really, really well.