Our Story

We have been inspired by many things in our lives, but the two most important things that led to the BOM you know and love is our family, and how they nurtured our love of food.

Growing up on the south coast of England in the 80’s meant everyone took every excuse for a community gathering. Our lives were shaped by street parties, fetes and get-togethers. We knew our neighbours and the community we lived in like an extended family. Not to say our actual family wasn’t large enough! Our childhoods were full of forest explorations, where we’d build dens in the mediocre weather and explored nature. The often-grey skies never put us off doing anything, the woods was our happy place where we’d play in the fresh air and outdoors.

Food brought us together, always. Us kids can all share happy memories of the meals we’d share with our family and friends. We reminisce about our Nan’s humbly understated preparation time, and how they’d bring out stacks of delicious treats and total feasts. They’d sit back and smile, watching as we all tucked in to their hours of effort and love.

It would feel like these meals would go for hours, and maybe they did. We’d be entertained for hours, surrounded with happy faces and everyone we love. ‘Seconds’ was another Nan gesture of care. Even if you were full, you’d eat again so she knew you were being taken care of. Desserts and cheeses would follow and then we’d all pitch in to wash up, with an operation of washing, drying, putting away under the watchful eye of whomever was hosting. The whole thing was good, it was fun and it stayed with us.

When we grew up we stayed in hospitality. It would pull us back in even when it felt like too much.

We loved hosting, loved making experiences, loved making people happy. We would see the smiles on people’s faces knew we had made the right choice. Our mentors were fantastic, the companies we worked for amazing, and we were glad to put in the effort. In 2003 we finally got the chance to work together for the first time. We were able to experience that pride and passion for the industry together, over that 10 years. It stayed with us when we parted to follow other paths, but eventually it brought us here.

Australia had opportunity, we both saw that. It wasn’t long until we both ended up here in pursuit of our dreams. We laid down our roots and BOM began.

Brother of Mine was created to bring those cherished experiences into our everyday lives, and the lives of people we meet. We think eating together connects people and communities, and brings happiness with it. The opportunities and teachings of our mentors have brought us to where we are today and has allowed us to flourish, find inner joy and win in this industry. Now, we are here to share what we know in our favourite ways, and introduce you to the beauty of the industry we love.

We're Here For You.

Our Mission