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Our Story

We have been so lucky to have been inspired by so many things in our lives, but the most important things that led to creating Brother of Mine was family, food and the community that surrounded it.

Growing up on the south coast of England in the 80's was fun. Pub lunches, Sunday roasts, community fetes, in fact any excuse for some sort of street party or 'do' as nan called it was always on the agenda somewhere close to home.

We grew up to sounds of grown ups mingling, whilst we played and everyone's happy noise became our playlist and our first experience community. This forged our love for impromptu get-togethers, family feasts and being a part of something bigger and beyond. The love of knowing and caring for our neighbours and the extended community we lived in, remains an extended family to us.


Our childhoods were full of weekend explorations, forest walks, farmlife, camping and picnics with family and friends. The mediocre weather was replaced with memories of quality time simply spent together and food brought good times together, everyone and anyone included, always.



As we grew, nurtured by our beloved Nan’s Betty and Joan, our awe and intrigue led us to aid in the preparation of some these momentous moments. Standing on a stack of books whilst we watched, whisked, washed and were entertained by the creation of these marvelous feasts. When it was time to enjoy, we'd too sit back and smile, watching our nans whilst they humbly understate the effort they put in as we all tucked in to their hours of love and care.

Meals together brought us all together near or far, they kept us together and entertained for hours. We we're surrounded by happy faces, prize plates and with everyone we knew, loved and cared for.

To finish, we’d all pitch into an operation of washing, drying and putting away under the watchful and proud eye of whomever was hosting as the conversations continued. The whole thing was fun, in fact it was perfect and it has remained closely preserved tradition till today.

Hospitality has been an unexpected gateway to experiencing and sharing these moments continually and passing it on. However tough, making the effort in giving great experiences everyday inspires the hard work, commitment and determination to succeed.

We simply love hosting, creating memorable experiences, making people happy and bringing people closer together. Seeing smiles on people’s faces as they mingle and tuck in to a quality feed, affirms our efforts and drives our desire to create more.

Through life we've been lucky to meet unexpected legends, mentors that have been encouraging, culture rich inspiring companies and made some lifelong friends along the way and we felt It was our time to pass it on. 

Australia, farthest from home but a place rich in great weather, great food & coffee amongst beautiful landscapes had an opportunity to extend our reach, we both saw it. It wasn’t long before we both ended up in pursuit of our dreams as we laid down our roots and BOM began.

Brother of Mine was created to bring those cherished moments the everyday lives to the people we meet. We believe eating together connects people, forms wider communities, and brings an abundance happiness and along joy with it for both the team who serve it, and the guests who experience it. 

We are both dedicated to the growth and development of our team, contribution to our community and we hope to inspire others to do the same.

So here we are, with immense pride sharing what we've learnt and love in our favourite ways, and to introduce you to the beauty of an industry we are proud to be a part of.

Here for you, genuinely and humbly, everyones invited. Welcome to our happy place. so please enjoy.


Our Mission