People Everyday


Origin: Colombia | Brazil | Ethiopia 

Region: Sul de Minas | Huilla | Yirgacheffe

Elevation: 1000 -1900 masl

Processing: Natural | Fully Washed

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon | Caturra | Heirloom

Notes: Caramel | Peanut | Milk Chocolate

Adaptable to both black and white coffee drinkers, 'Everyday' is our flagship blend and available as our 'house blend' in our Cafe in Baldivis. This little legend was designed with the 'Everyday' coffee drinker in mind. In milk it will leave you with hints caramel, peanuts and a distinctive coco pops finish. When enjoyed black you will find notes of toffee, plum and dark chocolate. We dig it!

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