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Reviewed in 'WA Good Food Guide'

 Reviewed by Rob Broadfield, The West Australian

"We know what you’re thinking. Great food and coffee in Baldivis? Change your thinking.
Brothers Jos and Ben Whettingsteel have trained their considerable hospitality guns on a shopping centre in Baldivis. They bring with them restaurant and café experience in Melbourne and the UK. The result is a warehouse-chic diner with its own rooftop apiary, coffee roaster and pit for smoking local meats. It’s rapidly become the heart of this new community.
The dude-food delights include an intense, smoky salty virgin bloody Mary with BBQ “dust”, saccharine brioche French Toast ‘jaffle’ with an audacious crown of lemon curd and lipstick-pink Persian pashmak, and tapenade-like fudgy black pudding, earthy mushrooms and house smoked beans. This isPerth’s most unexpected hit of 2017"

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