Pullman Big Step - Acid Green

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BigStep Base BigStep: the high-end tamper from Pullman Even more precisely manufactured than the other Pullman products, even better materials, even better performance:The BigStep is the best of the best among tampers and has won countless titles at barista and latte art championships for good reason. With a diameter of 58.55 mm and an extremely low tolerance of +/- 0.02mm, the BigStep fits exactly into the precision baskets specially made for the Pullman system and thus avoids any channelling from the outset. The result is an extremely uniform puck that is also optimally compressed at the edges of the basket. Extremely high-quality 440C stainless steel for wear-free use and best material properties. Patented 'Step' ensures that despite the extremely precise fit of the tamper base to the basket, no vacuum is created when lifting after tamping. Please note: Due to the variation of internal diameter and capacity of precision baskets across brands, we cannot guarantee that the BigStep is compatible with baskets from other manufacturers. We therefore strongly recommend the use of Pullman Filtration Baskets. These are perfectly adapted to the BigStep base and individually checked by hand to ensure consistency. Barista Handle I Powder Coated I Acid Green Powder coatings are lacquers that are applied to metal and other conductive surfaces. They produce less waste than liquid coatings and do not contain organic solvents. The material to be coated - in this case, the aluminium handle - is negatively charged by electricity. The positively charged powder adheres to the aluminium and is set in an oven. The handles are easy to clean, easily personalisable, and available in any colour you can imagine. They are somewhat more sensitive to impact and scratch damage than anodised handles. The handles are available with (aka BLACK TOP) or without (aka SOLID) black knock insert. The knock insert is made of durable acetal and is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This is a must have for baristas who 'knock' the portafilter for the initial distribution of the ground coffee. Spacer I Alu Set of 2mm, 5mm, 8mm Spacer for individual adaptation of barista and BigStep tampers to the anatomy of the hand. Colour ALU: the 5mm spacer is built in, the 2mm and 8mm versions are included for possible subsequent adjustment.

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