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The Wacaco Cuppamoka Coffee Maker is a one-cup coffee brewer and thermo mug that brews a perfect cup of pour over coffee. The Wacaco is small enough to be packed away when you�re on the go, but is also easy to use at home or in the office.

The pour over brewing method is what makes Cuppamoka so special. It�s a more natural way of making coffee while creating a cleaner cup of coffee than other brewers. A paper filter ensures no sediment is left behind and the thermo keeps your coffee hot for hours!


All-in-One Pour Over Brewer � Twist out the brews filter holder and brew straight into the cup.

Perfect Travel Companion � Designed as a fully portable Brewer and Travel Cup.

No Leaks or Spills � The leak proof lid allows a quick and easy access to your favourite brew.

Double Wall Thermos Cup � Preserving the temperature of your hot or cold beverage.

Built for Durability � Robust and durable materials to last a lifetime and go anywhere.


Wacaco Cuppamoka
Removable filter holder,
10 Paper Filters
Drips Collecting pad
Grinds Scoop


Materials Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Plastic
Capacity 300mls
Keeps Hot 2-3 Hours
Weight 316g
Dimensions �89.5 mm x 169 mm
Compatible Paper Filter Filtropa 2 Cup Paper Filters

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