MOFO Deluxe

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MOFO Deluxe is another tasty drinking chocolate with an ultra-dark, rich chocolate taste and glossy mouth coating finish. With lovely Fair Trade organic sugar, the dark cocoa is enhanced by blending in the choicest Belgium chocolate flakes.

All the same natural ingredients, no fillers, salt, starch, added flavours, colours or preservatives, GMO free, wheat and gluten free ingredients.

Ingredients: Fair Trade organic sugar, 29% cocoa powder, grated dark chocolate.

Mofo Deluxe Premium contains high quality Ghanaian cocoa, sweetened with a certified organic, minimally processed cane sugar alternative, known as coconut blossom sugar.

Produced from the tropical coconut palm blossoms grown in Bali, it has a delicious, rich, toffee-like flavour. Coconut blossom sugar has a higher mineral content; it is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron.

Ingredients: 50% cocoa powder, 50% organic, Fair Trade coconut blossom sugar.

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