Basal Aeropress Filter Jar

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Basal Filter Jar for Aeropress Coffee Maker is a customised metal screw top jar made the perfect size to slide in a stack of AeroPress or Delter Coffee Press paper filters into and keep them properly organised instead of spreading through your bag.

There is a capacity of 100 filters and removing 1 filter is extremely simple; unscrew the cap and tip the jar upside down at which point the paper filters will bend out of the jar slightly allowing you to slide off one at a time. The Basal Filter Jar for Aeropress Coffee Maker fits perfectly inside the Basal Coffee Travel Bag and can be a smart addition to your own coffee kit.


Holds 100 Filters � Easily holds enough paper filters for 3 months.
Secure Storage � With a screw down lid, your filters are safe and dry.
Customised Size � Fitting perfectly for the Aeropress Coffee Maker and the Delter Coffee Press.

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