Moccamaster Thermoserve 1.8 Litre


This is a custom order product

A titan of a coffee brewer, the Moccamaster Thermoserve is built to withstand the chaos of a bustling cafe without compromising on rock-solid quality. It has the ability to brew 1.8L at a time and has a capacity of 144 cups per hour.

The Thermoserve’s 9 hole spray head evenly saturates all the coffee grounds during brewing, encouraging balanced and rich flavors. The copper heating element easily maintains a steady water temperature of 92 º – 96 º C throughout the 5-6 minute brew time. With reliable water temperature and pouring, brewing excellent coffee is a breeze.

Basic Brewing Instructions

Grind coffee at a medium setting and pour into the paper filter.
Fill the resevoir with water and flip the ON switch.
After 5-6 minutes, enjoy!
The coffee brews straight into the 1.8L airpot. Built with stainless steel and insulated, it’ll keep your coffee hot for hours. If you remove the airpot mid-brew or the water reservoir is empty, an auto-off function will activate, saving you from a mess or machine damage.


Official Competition Brewer – The official SCAE competition and World Tasters Championships brewer.

Uncompromising Simplicity – Programmed to brew coffee under ideal circumstances for 5-6 minutes, taking the effort out of delicious coffee.

9 Hole Spray Head – Saturates grounds evenly to produce a rich and balanced flavor profile.

Steady Brewing Temperature – Copper heating element ensures that the coffee is brewed with water that is a steady 92 º – 96 º C.

1.8L Airpot – Insulated steel airpot keeps large batches of coffee hot for hours.

Auto-Off Function – Safely shuts off automatically when the water reservoir is empty or the airpot is removed.

144 Cups Per Hour – Designed to thrive in a bustling cafe environment.


1 x Moccamaster Thermoserve
1 x 100 pc Thermoserve Filters


Materials: Premium Aluminum, BPA-Free Plastic, Copper, Glass, Steel
Dimensions: W20 x D42 x H55 cm
Carafe Capacity: 1.8L
Output Capacity: 144 cups per hour

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