Brazil | Mogiana | Natural | Espresso

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Varietal: Catuai, Mundo Novo
Process: - Natural
Elevation: - 800-1350 masl.

Cup Notes: - Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Nans Toffees

Introducing a premium coffee from the heart of Brazil. Grown in the lush region of Mogiana, this coffee is known for its rich and smooth flavour profile. This coffee is made from only the finest Arabica beans, hand-selected and naturally processed to preserve its delicate taste and aroma.

The natural processing method used on these beans allows the coffee to retain its unique character, resulting in a cup of coffee that is unlike any other. The beans are dried in the sun, which enhances their natural sweetness and gives the coffee a bright, fruity flavor. This is complemented by hints of chocolate and nuts, creating a well-rounded and satisfying taste.

Roasted a medium to Medium dark roast, making it the perfect coffee for any time of day. Whether you're starting your morning with a cup of coffee or winding down with a warm brew after dinner, Mogiana has you covered. Its smooth, creamy texture and natural sweetness make it the ideal coffee for drinking black or with a splash of milk.

Our Mogiana coffee is sourced directly from small-scale farmers in Brazil, who take pride in their craft and ensure that only the best beans are used. This not only guarantees the quality of the coffee but also supports local communities and sustainable agriculture practices.

Experience the best of Brazil with Mogiana coffee. Order a bag today and taste the difference that natural processing can make.

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